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For further information on our project, please visit our scientific blog:

The project is supported by the French Research Agency (ANR, 2011-2015): a new version of this site is currently prepared. Thank you for your understanding.



A corpus of about 400,000 biblical references is available on this site.

Access to data is free. This website offers:

- Data from the published volumes of Biblia Patristica, Index des citations et allusions bibliques dans la littérature patristique, Editions du CNRS (ca. 270,000 biblical references, with updates on 5,000 references), prepared by the Centre for Patristics Analysis and Documentation (CADP) : 1. Beginnings to Clement of Alexandria and Tertullian, 1975 - 2. The third century (except Origen), 1977 - 3. Origen, 1980 - 4. Eusebius of Caesarea, Cyril of Jerusalem, Epiphanius of Salamis, 1987 - 5. Basil of Caesarea, Gregory Nazianzen, Gregory of Nyssa, Amphiloque of Iconium, 1991 - 6. Hilary of Poitiers, Ambrose of Milan, Ambrosiaster, 1995 - 7. Didymus of Alexandria, 2000 - Supplement, Philo of Alexandria, 1982. [They all are all out of print.]

- Unpublished data from the archives of Biblia Patristica (ca. 100,000 references) on Athanasius of Alexandria, John Chrysostom, Theodoret of Cyrus, Procopius of Gaza, Jerome: these data are unverified (they appear in red).

20.01.2015: 9,716 registrations on the Biblindex site.


The ultimate goal of BIBLINDEX  is to permit the identification of biblical quotations in all Jewish and Christian literature of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages.
From 2006 to 2009, this site was funded mainly by Research Cluster 13 of the Rhone-Alpes Regional Council.
From February 2011 onwards, the project is supported by the French Research Agency (ANR): a new version of this site is currently prepared. Thank you for your understanding.

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Biblical files of Biblindex are developed with the assistance of Banner.



Contact: Laurence Mellerin – Institut des Sources Chrétiennes, 22 rue Sala,  F- 69002 LYON – +33 (0)4 72 77 73 56 – fax. +33 (0)4 78 92 90 11

In case of difficulty when using the site, or if you have any suggestions (new references, corrections), please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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